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Hanging Lake Pool, Colorado, US (by Jason Hatfield)


Kastellorizo, Greece (by limitsios)


Budapest, Hungary (by EdiB.)


The Dog, the Cat, and the Parrot 

(source: http://aol.it/1nCL58a)


A spectacular gold ring around 1,400 years old went on display with other archaeological treasures at Saffron Walden Museum.

The ring is highly decorated with Anglo-Saxon motifs including birds and interlaced ornament, but it is the engraving on the bezel which has really excited the experts. This shows a belted human figure with a cross below a bird of prey, an intriguing mix of pagan Anglo-Saxon and Christian symbols. It has been dated it to 580 - 650 AD, around the time of the Sutton Hoo burial, when the new Anglo-Saxon kingdoms, including the kingdoms of Kent, Essex and East Anglia, were choosing between traditional beliefs and Christianity.


That funny feeling in your stomach is not just a feeling, it is a knowing! You have over 100 million neurons in this “second brain” known as your gut… so trust those gut feelings more!

HERE’s some feng shui to help you trust your intuition!!!

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Loving this morning. Cuddles with my sweet boy as I plunge into the world of Throne of Glass again.


Oxfordshire, England


A cartoon by Edward Steed. Take a look at more cartoons from this week’s issue.

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